Poor Rob.

Our good friend over at KATC, Chief Meteorologist Rob Perillo, fell victim to some funny photoshop editing after he showed his support for the Ragin Cajuns on social media.

After the Cajuns victory on Thursday night at Cajun Field, Rob posted a photo of himself holding up a sign that shows his support for the program.

Well, a couple of colleagues of Rob's had some fun with the sign he was holding in the original photo and the rest is history.

Rob Perillo

One sign claims that Rob supports having tomatoes in his gumbo (which he doesn't) and another edit has our local weather icon rating himself very highly.

Like always, Rob ran with the jokes and certainly didn't take any of it seriously, which I love.

Check out some of the photoshop edits here and we must applaud Jim Hummel and Rick LaBouve for these edits.

One more thing Rob, I have a feeling that we may be seeing more of these now that your colleagues have started this. Be prepared!

Rob Perillo
Rob Perillo

Since writing this story, more edits have followed. Check out a few more edits that have shown up in the comment section of Rob's post.

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