A robotic bar is coming to the Hard Rock Casino in Biloxi.

Yes, you will be served your favorite cocktail via a robotic arm. This is the second bar of this type in the country and its only a couple of hours away down I-10.

This "bartender" can reportedly serve up to 120 drinks per hour, and it knows billions of drink combinations. That is a money maker!!

Of course, this elminates overpouring and free drinks that may be given out to guests, thus this can really save an establishment lots of money.

You will order your drinks at this bar via an app, which is on a tablet, and then your drinks are served.

This bar is set to open in the casino on January 25th. Now, will this replace your traditional bartender, perhaprs.

However, I DO NOT see too many venues resorting to this type bar in 2018. I'm sure it comes with a nice price tage.


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