Rolling Stone Magazine has a list of songs that they have labeled to be the worst of the 90s. While many of the songs were popular back then, Rolling Stone readers say they are the worst of the 90s. Its hard to believe that some of the songs we grew up loving, or still enjoy today have made this list. Our custodian for all seven radio stations agrees that the "Macerena" deserves to be on this list. Turn up the speakers and see if you agree with list below!!! Here are a few that made the list.

  • Achy Breaky Heart

    Billy Ray Cyrus was just 20 years old when "Achy Breaky Heart" turned him into a country superstar. The song was a huge crossover hit that introduced line-dancing to people all across the globe.

  • The Macerena

    I still hate this song!!! Yet, it spent 14 weeks at the Number One spot on the Billboard Hot 100, and was a worldwide smash!! How many times have you heard this song a wedding receptions???

  • We Still Don't Know, "Who Let The Dogs Out?"

    This was a smash at high school dance and pep rallys in the 90s!!! The Seattle Mariners began playing it in the summer of 2000, and countless stadiums across the world have continued to practice to it.

  • Ice Ice Baby!!!

    A MAJOR hit in clubs in the early 90s!!! Still, when you drop this song, club goers will drop their drink to dance to this 90s Hit. And while it may be on the list for the worst songs of the 90s, the album To The Extreme sold tons of copies and briefly turned Ice into a superstar.

  • Are You Really A "Barbie Girl?"

    Barbie Girl – written by the Danish dance-pop group Aqua – is an incredibly polarizing song. Many people were offended by the portrayal of a woman as a man's plastic doll, begging him to "undress me everywhere." Others loved the over-the-top cartoonish video and bizarre sound of the song.

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