A man acting as his own lawyer cross-examined his own son, forcing him to describe the night he allegedly tried to kill him.

Ronnie O'Neal III went viral earlier this week after raising his voice in his opening statements to the jury in a case where he was accused of killing his daughter and his girlfriend and attempting to kill his son and set the house on fire.

Since Mr. O'Neal is representing himself, there was a moment in the courtroom where he cross-examined his own 11-year-old son who prosecutors say survived O'neal's attack despite his father's attempt to kill him.

The boy was 8 years old at the time of the alleged attack but was still able to easily recall the events of that evening, making it hard to listen to at times. He told prosecutors how his father set fire to the house using gasoline.

O'Neal remained adamant that investigators "fabricated evidence" and that his son was "coached on what to say."

The evidence is going to show that I love my children. The evidence will not show you that my son witnessed me beat his mom to death, nor did he witness me shoot his mom. In fact, he didn’t witness much at all.

At one point, the exchange got tense as the father asked the boy direct questions about events that unfolded that tragic night.

“Did I hurt you that night?” The boy responded, “Yes.”

“How did I hurt you?” Oneal asked.

“You stabbed me,” his son replied.

Social media had immediate reactions to the video and the story, many saying that this was simply not something that the little boy should have had to endure.


The trial continues and could easily last into next week. O'neal could be facing the death penalty if convicted.

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