Rihanna is taking a page from Lindsay Lohan's book and avoiding her courtroom obligations as long as she can -- and now it's going to cost her.

TMZ reports that in an ongoing lawsuit against her former money managers, Rihanna simply refuses to sit down for her required deposition.

Rihanna initially filed a suit against Berdon, LLP, claiming they mismanaged her money and demanding millions in damages and lost wages. Berdon hit back, saying Rihanna's financial troubles were the result of her own alleged irresponsibility and that they didn't owe her a dime.

Berdon has been trying to get Rihanna to sit for a deposition for nine months -- you know the same time it would take to gestate a human baby -- and she keeps avoiding them. Her excuses have included concerts (which were scheduled way in advance), sickness and various extensions.

However, Berdon is most upset about Rihanna bailing on a June 19 deposition (that's when she said she was sick). The group accommodated Rihanna's schedule by booking the deposition in London, costing them close to $100,000 -- and she still cancelled. Berdon also notes that Rihanna performed before and after the June 19 date, even tweeting, and never once mentioned an illness.

Berdon now wants Rihanna to pay back that $100 grand they spilled on her canceled deposition as well as court fines -- and they want her entire suit dismissed. Time will tell what happens here, but it's not looking too good for RiRi.

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