UPDATE: A representative from Royal Caribbean claims they have offered the group of nurses a refund or 125% credit on a future cruise.

According to TMZ, a group of nurses were planning a networking convention aboard a Royal Caribbean cruise ship. However, they had to cancel the trip because of the coronavirus outbreak.

It is being reported that Royal Caribbean cruise lines is refusing to give all the nurses a complete refund, even under these circumstances.

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The group was called Nursecon and, according to reports from the group, sent out a letter to all the people booked on the trip telling them the cruise line refused to give them a refund. They advised the group that Royal Caribbean's offer was instead that they would be allowed to go to Nursecon if it will held in the future in 2021, 2022, or 2023 for no cost.

The cruise company did agree to refund them for any extra packages and excursions they purchased and will give them a $100 credit to spend on the ship. TMZ reported that some of the nurses were very unhappy that they couldn't get a full refund back.

We totally understand that, for sure!

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