As I think of all the conversations I have had through the years about places I'd like to live and places you couldn't pay me to live, not once did the city of Ruston Louisiana come up in the discussion. Ruston, at least to me, is not a town I think about that much. It's not that I don't think much of the town, I just really have no reason to contemplate life in Ruston as a thing I would be doing.

Ronny Walker thinks about Ruston differently than I do. He should, he is the Mayor of Ruston and he and his town's leadership have come up with a very unique way to get graduates of two nearby universities to return to Ruston to live and work.

You're probably aware that Ruston is home to Louisiana Tech and just a few miles down the road is Grambling State University. For some reason, when students graduate from those schools, they don't tend to stick around Ruston. But Mayor Walker is hoping they will for $10,000.

City of Ruston via YouTube

That's right, graduates of Louisiana Tech or Grambling can apply for the opportunity to be paid $10,000 just for living in Ruston. Mayor Walker is hoping the new initiative will attract 25 graduates to stick around this year and next year the city hopes to up the ante to 50 graduates.

City of Ruston via YouTube

Now, anyone can apply for the program but there are specifics you need to keep in mind. For example, you must be working from home to receive the $10,000 over the next four years. Applicants will be vetted and verified by a committee made up of five individuals from the Ruston community.

City of Ruston via YouTube

If you're interested in applying, you may do that right here. Good Luck and kudos to city leaders in Ruston for this unique approach to keeping good people at home or close to home. I think the program will pay many dividends in the future.

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