There will be one final hurrah for patrons and fans of Lafayette's Saint Street Inn. That final meal will come on the last day of this year according to a report in the Acadiana Advocate.

The paper is reporting that the proprietors of the business have announced plans to shutter the facility following service on New Year's Eve. According to the published report, the reason for the closure has to do with financial issues.

About 20 people will be out of a job when the restaurant closes its doors in less than two weeks. The Saint Street Inn had built a reputation among foodies in Acadiana for a varied and eclectic menu that catered to offerings prepared with locally sourced produce and meats.

Up until the time, they turn the lights out and close the doors for goods the owners of the Saint Street Inn suggest through media reports that they don't plan to go quietly into the evening. The restaurant will continue to offer delicious fare, trivia nights, live entertainment, and a fan-friendly menu up until the last customer leaves on December 31st.


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