The Saints had a good reason to celebrate after their win against Philadelphia in the NFC Divisional Playoff game.

Normally, we see the Saints dancing to songs like Choppa Style and other New Orleans classics after big wins at home, but last night's divisional playoff victory called for something EXTRA.

The Saints were as hype as normal, but this time around the locker room was fully equipped with fog, lights and effects for an atmosphere that you have to see to believe.

They even seemingly trolled the Eagles by turning up to Philly native Meek Mill. Petty? Sure, but after the trash that the Eagles talked all week, they deserved to have fun with the victory.

The Saints still have big challenges ahead with the #2 seed Rams coming to town for the NFC Championship this Sunday. Hopefully, we see an even bigger locker room celebration after that one is all said and done.

Believe. The people in the streets of New Orleans surely do.

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