Last year, Saints corner back PJ Williams was arrested for drunk driving. In a dire attempt to get him out of being arrested, his girlfriend pleaded with the officer citing the non-call as a factor.

Just two days after the Saints/Rams NFC Championship game where the Saints were robbed in the now famous "no-call", PJ Williams was pulled over for going 80mph in a 50mph zone, improper lane usage, and failure to use his turn signal.

After he was put into handcuffs, the officer was letting his girlfriend take his vehicle home. As she's asking what the next steps are, she starts to plead with him saying, "He's a Saints player, like, don't you feel bad? You saw that game don't [sic] you?"

I'm not speaking for the officer, but the hesitation and tone in his voice says that he did care, but he had to say that it didn't concern him. I get it, man.

The no-call is absolutely no excuse to drink and drive.

TMZ has released the arresting video.

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