Well, the grades are in.

The NFL Players Association likes to wrap up the league year with a league-wide survey amongst players and there they can grade their own organization in various categories.

Players are asked to grade their organization on the Treatment of families, Nutrition, Weight Room, Strength Staff, Training Room, and their home locker room.

Once all of the grades are submitted and calculated, teams are made aware of their respective grades.

The Saints organization graded really well in most categories, but they apparently have a lot of work to do in one.

The players for the New Orleans Saints gave their organization an F- in the Nutrition category. Yes, apparently there is bad food in New Orleans.

If you are familiar with sports, you know how important it is to eat well and to eat right, and Saints players report that they are doing neither.

Here's the breakdown for the Saints' report card to end the 2022 season.

Treatment of families: B+

Food service/nutrition: F- (last place)

Weight room: A-

Strength coaches: A

Training room: B

Training staff: A

Locker room: A

Team travel: A+

The team that scored the best in the league was the Minnesota Vikings and the team with the worst report card went to the Washington Commanders.


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