I can still remember sitting in the Superdome last season when the New Orleans Saints hosted the Carolina Panthers. The Saints won the game, and luckily the seats I had gave me a front row view of the Saints sideline.  October 3, 2010 was also the first day I noticed a guy named Jimmy Graham.

I guess I should actually say it was hard NOT to notice the player wearing #80 towering over everyone else on the Saints sideline at 6'7.  Of course now Jimmy Graham is one of the top tight ends in the league and possibly heading to his first Pro Bowl based on the lights out year he has been having so far, but at the time the rookie wasn't even the primary backup to starting TE Jeremy Shockey. A late season injury would give Graham his time to shine, and eventually send Shockey packing to Carolina.

Ever since I did my research on Jimmy Graham after that Carolina game, his late rookie season performance, along with his life story instantly made him one of my favorites.  It wasn't until recently that I found out that Jimmy Graham actually ran a good old fashioned backyard-style foot race during the off-season against fellow former Miami Hurricane DJ Williams, currently playing linebacker for the Denver Broncos.

It all went down back in April while both players were at the University of Miami campus working out. Apparently Williams challenged Graham to a mock forty-yard dash where the loser would have to pay the winner $1000 expecting to easily smoke him as the lighter, faster of the two.  As you will see in the video, quite the opposite took place.

Jimmy Graham Burns DJ Williams In The 40

Alt View (showing how fast Jimmy Graham really is)

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