It was Super Bowl media day yesterday for the NFL. It's where the media from all around the world talk to the players, and it seems like a pretty fun and easy thing to do. The only thing is, some of the players are not media friendly. Lets take Marshawn Lynch, RB for the Seattle Seahawks, for instance. He not only looked nervous,he looked annoyed when Deion Sanders started asking him questions. To me, the questions seemed pretty easy to answer. The usual questions like: Are you ready for the game? Are you excited to play in the Super Bowl? There are some NFL football players you just shouldn't shove a live mic in front of, especially Marshawn Lynch. The NFL network had to apologize to the public for Marshawn's casual potty mouth in the beginning of the interview.

I will give it to Deion Sanders for trying to get Marshawn Lynch to talk. Deion even asked him if he was shy, and Marshawn's replay was, NO! You can tell Deion was reaching and trying to pull anything out of Marshawn, but like Marshawn's running back coach explained, he doesn't dislike the media, he just doesn't like to talk to them.

Something you might not know, if a player doesn't do media day or leaves before its over they will get fined. I'm not sure what the fine is, but it must be pretty big, because you hardly ever see NFL players not show up or leave.