With over 180 million followers on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram Selena Gomez is the reigning social media queen, and she's getting paid like royalty for it.

The ex-Disney princess is so influential on social media that companies are will to shell out major cash for product placement in her posts. I mean, the Instagram post above has 4.6 million likes -- the most likes in Instagram history. So, what's the going rate these days for the queen of social media? Oh ya know, just a cool $550,000 per post.

According to research by D'Marie Analytics, SelGo's price has gone up over $300,000 in the past year to top the list with over half a million bucks per post, followed by Kendall Jenner, Kylie Jenner, and Rihanna. But with 180.9 million Twitter, Facebook and Instagram followers no one is coming close to kicking Selena  off of her social media throne.

[via D'Marie Analytics]