As residents of Palmetto continue their clean-up from Saturday's round of severe storms in South Louisiana there comes word that more strong storms could be moving through the area during the day tomorrow. The Storm Prediction Center has determined that persons living in Lafayette and much of Acadiana along with Baton Rouge and New Orleans could be under the gun for strong storms on Tuesday.

The catalyst for this potential severe weather threat is a frontal zone which is forecast to move close to and through the area during the day on Tuesday. While that system might bring some showers to the area as a cold front, some of the stronger storms are forecast to form along the frontal boundary after it stalls out and drifts back to the north as a warm front.

A lot of the forecast models are undecided as to what part of the state will likely see the stronger storms or the most rainfall. Regardless, whatever precipitation falls during the day on Tuesday will not constitute a total washout. Instead, showers and thunderstorms should move rather quickly and we don't anticipate this being a major rainfall event either.

Courtesy Bradley Benoit/KATC

KATC Meteorologist Bradley Benoit posted a run of the GRAF Model and that forecast program seems to suggest that the heavier weather will likely occur over southeastern Louisiana but some of the storms could reach as far back to the west as Lafayette and maybe Acadia parishes.

The threat of showers and storms will remain in the area during the day on Wednesday but conditions should improve as we move through the workweek. But there will be a chance of a shower or possibly a thunderstorm even as we move through the workweek and get closer to next weekend.

Again, forecasters don't think the rainfall will constitute a washout on any particular day. So, go ahead with your planned activities, just be mindful of the potential for showers and thunderstorms each day and make sure you have a Plan B. That might come in handy at any time between now and Saturday.

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