The latest radar scan from the National Weather Service in Lake Charles shows a line of strong to severe thunderstorms moving out of Acadiana. As that line was pushing through last night and early this morning there were several storm watches and warnings associated with it. We could have a repeat of that kind of weather as early as Friday night across much of Louisiana.

Forecasters with the Storm Prediction Center say there will be a slight risk of severe storms, mainly late Friday afternoon and evening for much of the I-10 corridor. Areas just to the north of Lafayette, from the Alexandria area northward, will actually be included in the enhanced risk zone for severe storms.


Forecasters say a low-pressure system is expected to develop over Texas by Friday and that system and an accompanying frontal system should push through Louisiana during the day on Friday and into the evening hours. Ahead of that system conditions should be favorable for strong storms to develop. Some of those storms could reach severe limits as they move through the state.


Contributing to the instability will be a warm front moving up from the Gulf of Mexico. This could provide the wind shear potential necessary for some of the storms to develop rotation in the upper atmosphere. Although right now damaging winds and hail appear to be our biggest threat according to forecast models.

As always this forecast and the threat of severe weather is subject to change so do check back with us in the morning for a more fine-tuned and detailed forecast. We will do our best to lay out the timing of Friday night's severe weather potential so you can plan accordingly.

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