Have you ever looked closely at what was going on in the background of the videos you record on your phone?

When TikTok user @kaylimadisyn was scrolling through the pics and videos she took at her mom's birthday breakfast she noticed someone very familiar in the background.

When you go out with your mom for breakfast and didn’t even notice Shia LaBeouf singing your mom 'happy birthday' in the background.....

She uploaded the video on Saturday (June 12) and in less than one day the video pulled in nearly 4 million views. Shia LeBeouf is already famous, but now he is TikTok famous after viewers were delighted to see just how casually he looks over then eventually fist pumps and applauds the woman.

LeBeouf doesn't have an official TikTok account of his own, but this isn't the first time we've seen the actor go viral on the platform. Late last year, @gtdubs91 shared a video of Shia LeBeouf getting a COVID-19 test.

The Transformers actor has been in the process of turning his life around after he was ordered by a judge to complete a judicial diversion program that stemmed from misdemeanor charges of battery and petty theft.

Weekly therapy sessions, random alcohol screenings, and successful completion of a 12-step program are just a few of the stipulations that LeBoeuf must adhere to in order to have his charges dropped upon the completion of his program.

Even without his own TikTok account, it seems like LeBouef is a star on the platform as his 'Happy Birthday' feature continues to go viral.

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