The suburban Houston community of Cleveland, Texas was rocked by a mass shooting Friday night just before midnight. Authorities in San Jacinto County, Texas say the victims range in age from 40 years old to eight years old. The youngest victim in the shooting was an eight year old child.

Crime scene fenced with ribbons

Perhaps in a final act of heroism two children survived the gunfire as they were discovered alive beneath the bodies of two female victims. It's quite possible these women lay on top of the children to protect them. Authorities have confirmed all of the victims were found in one house and the relationship of each victim to each other and the alleged shooter is bill being investigated.

A spokesperson for the San Jacinto County Sheriff's Department told reporters their office received a harrasment call from the address where the shooting took place at about 11:30 Friday night. However, when deputies arrived on the scene they discovered the carnage inside.

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The alleged shooter was still at large as of this report early Saturday. Authorities have described the shooter this way.

a Hispanic male who is approximately 5’8” tall who was last seen wearing blue jeans with a black shirt and work boots and is described as having short black hair.

That's what was reported by ABC News this morning. It is believe the shooter used an AR-15 Style rifle and it is also believed the shooter was intoxicated at the time he open fire.

Residents in Cleveland were advised to remain in their homes with the doors locked in the overnight hours as the search for the shooter was intensifying. This is a developing story check back for updated information. 

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