For quite some time now, bars and nightclubs in the downtown Lafayette district have been forced to pay a levy for additional security within the district on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. Basically, the establishments were be forced to pay an additional "police tax" due to the amount of additional security needed in the district on it's busiest nights. Reason being, Lafayette Police say that the additional security was draining it's overtime budget.

Since then, several bars and nightclubs in the downtown district have stopped paying this "additional tax."



Many of the establishments that have stopped paying the fee site that they already pay enough in property tax and in sales tax to the city/parish for security. With that said, those establishments that have stopped paying the extra fee for security, which is based upon an establishment's occupancy rate, have been threatened to have their liquor licenses suspended for as much as up to one year.

After threatening to file a lawsuit against the city, bars and nightclubs have been told by the city that the fee for additional security will be suspended pending an upcoming hearing in the courtroom. We want to know, do you think that it is fair for one district in the city to have pay for additional security? Is it fair for bars and clubs to have to pay for extra security, or is it fair to the city to have to incur the bill? Who should be responsible for paying the extra police officers it takes to keep the district safe?