A billboard in Shreveport is getting a lot of attention, and a lot of laughs for it's anti-litter campaign that takes a swipe at Dallas Cowboys fans.

As a Saints fan who has to hear trash talk from Cowboys fans like Chris Reed, I got a good laugh out of seeing this billboard. The truth is, any person who resides in a city—or state for that matter—and doesn't at least support the home team is open to all ribbing and jokes.

The billboard is part of Shreveport Green's anti-litter campaign, Don't Be Trashy, Keep It Classy! The non-profit's "multi-faceted approach to litter awareness focuses on the individual's responsibility," and uses billboards to compare things that are just as "bad" as littering.

As a Saints fan, I have to agree that cheering for the Dallas Cowboys in New Orleans is similar to littering—sure, it won't kill anyone, but it's pretty lame. Next to the Falcons, the Cowboys are probably the biggest rivals of the Black and Gold.

So just play it safe—don't litter, and root for the Saints!

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