Another video has surfaced on social media showing Shreveport Police engaged in an arrest that some claim shows the use of excessive force.

In the video, you can clearly see a woman throw a bicycle on top of a police officer who is trying to make an arrest. The man on the ground reportedly has a gun. He was suspect in a drive by shooting.

The woman who shot the video and posted it online put this message on her Facebook page:

In light of yesterday’s video,
I understand your concerns and I appreciate all the support that I received from all over the Nation! Thanks for your calls, texts and messages! In the best interest of our city,
I removed the content due to my complete faith in Mayor Adrian Perkins, and the city of Shreveport that the those in the video will receive fair and equitable treatment from law enforcement!
My love for Shreveport and the Citizens has not wavered but has been strengthened!
I will continue to find even better ways to serve and improve my Community!
God bless each and everyone of you!

Monro Brown posted the video and she included this message:

"This is how our Police in Shreveport handled Citizens!
I was a Passerby I do not approve of disrespecting the police but the point is it escalated and innocent victims could have been hurt!" She added "It pains me that the video today turned into a
Pissing match! This struggle is about the safety of all Citizens in Shreveport! I’m praying for everyone in our city!"

Others who dug into this story and found more information about the report claim this was a 33 yr old and a 26 yr old that were arrested.

This comes on the heels of last weeks' arrest of Joshua Lyon in downtown Shreveport. He was arrested after a confrontation with police during which Lyon was tased.

Police Chief Ben Raymond sent KEEL News this statement Monday afternoon:

"Officers were attempting to stop the suspect for violation of city ordinances regarding the safe operation of bicycles. The suspect, later identified as Berry Rigsby, refused to stop so officers gave chase. After his unsuccessful attempt to flee, Rigsby retrieved a loaded .380 caliber handgun from his person and threw it while involved in a tussle with officers. As officers were attempting to subdue him, Adriana Perry picked up one of the bicycles and threw it at the officers, striking Officer Keaton and causing minor injuries. Both Rigsby and Perry were eventually subdued and booked into the Shreveport City Jail. Berry Rigsby was charged with Illegal Possession of a Firearm by a Convicted Felon, Resisting an Officer and Obstruction of Justice. Adriana Perry was charged with Resisting a Police Officer by Force and Aggravated Battery."

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