Just days before the death of singer Whitney Houston, R&B Singer Brandy was doing an interview with E! News in regards to the upcoming Grammy show. During the interview, Whitney Houston walked up to Brandy and gave her a note. Upon observing the note, Brandy appeared to be disturbed my the message and quickly handed it to one of her assistants. Since then, Brandy has been SILENT in regards to the message on the note.

Brandy, the sister to singer Ray J, has since come forth and said that she will not reveal what the note said. She says, "I'm going to just not say what it was and just keep it to myself for my own personal reasons." Brandy has stated through multiple outlets that her idol was Whitney Houston and that Houston is the reason she chose to become a singer.




On the morning show we speculated what the mysterious note had to say. Candice says that the note may have included a message from Whitney stating that she needs to make a comeback and/or that Whitney wants her to take care of her big brother in the event of something ever happening to her, Whitney Houston. Note, it has been widely speculated that Whitney Houston and Ray J were dating upon her death.

I, like Candice, believe that the note signified the end of Whitney's life. Reports have surfaced that Whitney had become very faithful in her final days and even alluded to the end of her life. Whatever the case may be, we may never really know what Whitney Houston had to say to Brandy in the note, but are certain that the note had a strong impact on Brandy to the point that she refuses to reveal the message.

What do you think the message was on the note? Apparently it was something so special or meaningful to Brandy that she feels she should keep it to herself and not share with the public.

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