They turned coach into first class.

It was a photo that quickly went viral, grabbing attention from some of the biggest social media accounts including The Shade Room.

A woman, seen sipping what looked like white wine, was surrounded by an entire buffet of seafood on a flight. The spread was so immaculate that one tray of lobsters alone took up an entire seat on the plane.

Comments rolled in, and there was no shortage of jokes as people tried to figure out who the people in this amazing photo could be. Well, a News12 reporter tracked down the two individuals in Brooklyn—a mother and son who says "this ain't new."

YouTube, News12

Kmail Pratt says he was surprised when he opened up his phone and saw that he and his mother, Suzie, were going viral. Pratt says they were traveling to Las Vegas and the seafood spread was a normal routine for their family while flying. Actually, Pratt says they usually "do it BIGGER" than the seafood spread we saw in the photo.

YouTube, News12

Pratt said they caught the eye of passengers who were smiling and enjoying watching his family tear into their seafood boil on the Spirit flight. Kmail said the person who took the photo that we've all seen go viral was actually the flight attendant.

YouTube, News12

Mother, Suzie, says this is something she's been doing since she was 8 years old. She told News12 that she's never been on a flight without at least that much seafood. Pratt says she has even brought her seafood boil into water parks for her daughter's birthday party.

As for how the Pratt's managed to get the crab legs past TSA? Kmail said that TSA will let you through with "any food." While this is his experience, I've personally seen TSA refuse to allow some passengers through with food items—especially if those items involve any type of liquid, etc.

YouTube, News12

But it wasn't the questions that hurt Pratt. She says as much as her son asked her to avoid reading the comments, she couldn't help it. None of the jokes really bothered her, but Suzie says that the comments calling her family "ghetto" were downright "disturbing."

nothing about me and my son is ghetto. we take pride in being classy.

Well, regardless of what the thousands of commenters had to say, Pratt said that she and her son weren't even in first class—but they turned coach into first class.

Also, seafood isn't just something the Pratt's travel with on airplanes; they also make a living from it.

YouTube, News12

Their family business is called Kclaws (pronounced "claws") and their next big goal with the company is to cook for Wendy Williams.

Best of luck to the Pratts. Give their business a follow on IG; and if you're ever sharing a flight with them in the future, at least you know you'll never miss them.

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