The popular instant-messaging service Skype is now bringing their app to the web browser. Microsoft announced on Friday (Nov. 14) that a new beta launch is available where it allows anyone to use their account on any computer without downloading the native app.

Skype for Web is designed to work on any browser such as Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox. This will be very convenient for users who don't have access to the dedicated app or those who want to message a friend at a public computer.

As of now, you'll need a "small plug-in" to test the voice and video calls when using it in beta, but the producers say that eventually you won't need it all. Skype is doing a slow rollout for now so don't be surprise if you can't get an invitation after you sign up. If you do get selected, they will provide you with a notification to try the beta after you log in.

Happy chatting!

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