Urban Dictionary is an online dictionary database contains some of the most interesting words and phrases in the world. The most modern catchphrases. The hottest slang words. The words that guys like Webster and Oxford wouldn't dream of defining. With that in mind, we've decided to put together our own dictionary. The 'Suburban Dictionary' takes words and phrases that would normally appear on Urban Dictionary and defines them as your parents might. Without further adieu, please enjoy our 'Suburban Dictionary.'

1. Ay Bay Bay:

A phrase used to get a female's attention by males who have absolutely no chance at getting a female's attention.

2. Bling Bling:

The practice of wearing incredibly expensive jewelry while standing outside of the club because you cannot afford the cover charge to get in.

3. Chugging:

A college ritual usually accompanied by chanting used to differentiate those who will graduate from those who will not.

4. Faded:

The state of needing to inform others that you're under the influence of a mind altering substance, despite that fact that it's quite obvious to everyone around you anyway.

5. Gettin Jiggy Wit It:

A term for partying coined by rapper Will Smith now exclusively used by parents who've completely lost touch.

6. GTL:

A lifestyle consisting of protein shakes, fist pumps, and living with your mother.

7. HYFR:

A term of affirmation used almost exclusively by teens wearing brightly colored sunglasses.

8. Ice Cream Paint Job:

The act of killing your car's resale value.


A flamboyantly dressed pop duo who aren't nearly as sexy as the think they are.

10. Rack City:

The incredibly unwise financial practice of emptying the entire $658 from your bank account in order to show it off to the ladies.

11. Rihanna:

A Barbadian songstress known for provocative lyrics and constant wardrobe malfunctions.

12. Tunechi:

A nickname for rapper Lil Wayne (which is also a nickname).

13. Wild One:

A significant other that you NEVER want your parents to meet.

14. Wopping:

The rhythmic act of disappointing your father.

15. YOLO:

A seemingly meaningless acronym shouted before mislead juveniles and/or drunken sorority girls make bad decisions.

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