When it comes to party colleges with booksmarts, you really get the true definition of 'Work Hard Play Hard.' Crazy part is, out of all the colleges in the country, UL made this list along with LSU (not a big surprise there). So the question is: Where is UL ranked? If you wanna know, check out the infographic above.

Our friends @ BuzzFeed mapped out where most of Fiesta Frog's "Top 100 Schools To Party At" stand on Forbes' "America's Top Colleges" list. The people who party the most (near the top of the graph) know how to crack a book every once in a while too. The lower half of the party list does seem to have a few slackers, though.

And the winners are:

  1. University of Virginia (#22 party & #36 academic).
  2. University of North Carolina (#25 party & #47 academic).
  3. Colgate University (#31 party & #48 academic).

Honestly, Its hard to tell where UL is placed. It looks like we rank pretty low, but on the brighter side we made the list. Not bad when you compare our size to the other schools on the list. At least we weren't last! Keep up the good work UL! Maybe next year we'll rank higher. Wishful thinking, right?

Geaux Cajuns!