Smokepurpp is ready to go head-to-head in a fight with Russ after footage of the 2018 XXL Freshman getting jumped by Russ' crew surfaced. The video comes after Russ appeared on The Breakfast Club on Sept. 11 and said there was video of him beating up Purpp or Yung Bans.

While the footage doesn't show Russ actually attacking Smokepurpp, the Florida rapper has now issued a challenge to Russ for a one-on-one fight. "We all know if me and Russ went heads up, I'd beat the breaks out of Russ. I'd beat the shit out of Russ," the rapper said on Instagram Live. "And ya could set it up, real talk. Me and Russ go heads up, I'll beat the shit out of Russ."

As for the footage of him being attacked by Russ' crew, Purpp says the incident went down a few months ago backstage at the Splash Festival in Germany. Purpp says that after he came out of the bathroom, he saw seven or eight guys who began to attack him, but claims that "Russ did not do shit."

Russ originally teased that the footage may have featured Yung Bans getting jumped, but the rapper quickly denied the claims on Twitter. "Y'all know damn well Russ ain't beat my ass... FUCK RUSS," Bans tweeted.

It's uncertain who leaked the video, as Russ said he wouldn't release the footage unless Smokepurpp responded to him. "If they respond, they know what time it is," the rapper said. "We got video too. I'll leak the video of you getting your ass beat. Don't make me play the internet game, and have you humiliated. Don't do that."

Check out the footage of Smokepurpp getting jumped, as well as his response below.

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