Well, it's pretty simple. We aren't used to it. Down south we rarely see temperatures like this. (which is why you're SOOOOOO cold today) And since we don't see temperatures like this too often, we also don't exactly know how to act in it ... or drive in it. Mixing these low temps and precipitation can cause a BIG mess out there which is why so many Acadiana area schools chose to close tomorrow and monitor the predictions for Friday as well. In situations like this one, the fewer people on the roads, the better, especially when so many schools depend on school buses to carry loads of kids to and from campus. It might sound cliche, but, better safe than sorry. I'm sure no students are that upset over this decision.

But, allow us to offer some awesome driving tips direct from the Louisiana State Police:

Current weather forecasts indicate there is a good chance of precipitation and freezing temperatures for much of Southwest Louisiana beginning Thursday.  Rain combined with freezing temperatures may cause roads to ice over quickly, particularly on bridges and overpasses, possibly as early as Thursday evening.  “We will work closely with the Department of Transportation and Development to monitor conditions and take appropriate measures as needed,”  said Troop D commander Captain Chris Guillory.   Should conditions deteriorate, motorists are urged to keep abreast of the latest weather and travel conditions and decide whether a trip is really necessary.
Motorists are reminded to always wear their seat belts, use appropriate child restraints, reduce their speed, and never travel faster than conditions allow.  Do not drive using the cruise control in icy conditions, allow ample time to reach your destination, allow extra space between vehicles, and keep vehicle headlights on.

The most likely place to encounter icy conditions will be bridges and overpasses.  Use extra caution when crossing these elevated structures.  Should you encounter icy conditions on the roadway, it is very important that you do not brake suddenly, as this may cause a loss of control.  If you begin to skid, remove your foot from the accelerator, gently apply the brakes, and steer in the direction of the skid.  Do not overcorrect.
To report stalled vehicles or unsafe roadway conditions, you may dial *LSP (*577) from your cellular phone to reach the State Police office closest to you.  For road closure information, motorists are encouraged to dial 511 or visit www.511LA.org.

For an update list of School Closures go here.