As we approach the upcoming MTV VMAs this weekend, let's look back at some of the most memorable moments ever at the VMAs. Everything from kisses, brawls, and unorthodox dresses, its all been part of this award show. The VMAs will air live this Sunday at 8pm on MTV. And it remains to be seen if any incident this year can match-up to some of the following.

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    Bass Guitar To The Face

    Does anyone remember when the bass player for Nirvana thought it's be cute to throw his bass guitar in the air, and his faces catches the guitar on the way down. Well if you don't believe me, see it here!!! Ouch!!!

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    The Kiss Seen Around The World

    While many have always questioned Michael Jackson's sexuality, in 1994 at the MTV VMAs he made it quiet clear who he was in "love" with. As awkward as it may have been here is what Lisa Maire told Rolling Stone, "That was not my idea, by the way. I was terrified. It was his manager’s idea. I thought it was stupid. All of a sudden I became part of a public relations machine."

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    Where Was The Rest Of Her Dress?

    In 1999, Lil Kim showed up the awards show with half a dress!!! And while she had one breast totally exposed, see what happens when Diana Ross gets a little too close to Lil Kim.

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    Michael Jackson Accepts Wrong Award

    Here, Britney Spears just wants to say Happy Birthday to the "King Of Pop," yet he thinks he is receiving the "Artist Of The Millennium" Award!!! Only problem here, there was no such award and he had no idea. Awkward moment here on MTV!!!!

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    Its Just A Kiss, Right???

    In what may my most memorable moment ever from the MTV VMAs, remember when Madonna locked lips with Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera? It is what the WORLD was talking about the next day around the water cooler. Also, how could you ever forget the reaction from Justin Timberlake as it all unfolded on-stage???

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    Boys Will Be Boys, Even At The VMAs

    In what resembled a WWE brawl, Tommy Lee and Kid Rock threw down at the 2007 VMAs. And to think that this was probably all over Pamela Anderson!!!

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    Oh Kanye, Did You Have To!?!?!?!

    I think we all remember when Kanye West interupted the innocent Taylor Swift during her accpetance speech. This may have been the one incident that has left such a bad taste in some people's mouth about Kanye. Totally over the top in this one!!!

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    Lady Gaga Arrives On The Scene

    Last year, Lady Gaga sent a rather stern message to the world that not only was she not going be going any where any time soon, but that she also will wear just about anything!! Yes, Gaga showed up to the VMAs wearing a MEAT DRESS!!!!! (Real too)

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    Britney's Return, Not So!!!

    I remember watching this LIVE, and saying to myself, "Oh Britney!!" What was set to be her major come back turned into a disaster. As Britney performed on this night in 2007 it was obvious that she was not ready for a return to the stage. It actually kind of hurt watching this show opener....

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    Rage Against The Machine Band Member Climbs Up A Stage Prop

    In 2000, a member of the Band called Rage Against The Machine climber up a stage prop during the acceptance speech from rival band Limp Bizkit. You can totally tell that they were not to pleased with this interruption. Get to the :38 second mark.