Southern University is considering major changes when it comes to student life on campus in the wake of a fight video going viral.

The video shows a brawl between two females that took place on the campus of Southern University according to a report from WAFB. A large group of "more than a dozen" individuals are seen surrounding two females who are seen standing toe-to-toe before one of them is seen throwing punches to initiate the fight as she walks down her opponent.

The crowd egged the two females on while multiple smartphones were out, likely recording or live streaming the incident on social media as multiple angles of the clip quickly went viral online.

It didn't take long for Southern University officials to catch wind of the video showing the fight outside of Totty Hall; the school told WAFB that the students involved in the incident have already been kicked out of on-campus housing as a result.

Southern University does not condone violence in any form. SUPD and Administration are investigating so we can hold the appropriate individuals responsible and prevent this from happening again while ensuring that all parties involved are afforded the proper due process

Not only has Southern dealt with the individuals who were directly involved, but now they are weighing the decision to implement a curfew on campus in response to the recent altercation.

The school official also told WAFB that ending visitation altogether in student housing is also on the table as Southern continues working to address the recent conduct on campus.

All students ultimately identified as being part of Tuesday’s violence in any way or having committed other violations of the student code of conduct will be addressed in accordance with University policies and applicable laws.

Of course, there were also reactions from social media as the video continues to go viral.

See the full story here via WAFB.

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