I have no idea what kind of egg this is, if it's even an egg at all.

I went home for Easter weekend in New Orleans. Quick backstory- I rent out my house in New Orleans and was doing some landscaping in my backyard. I came across this egg while digging a hole for a tree. It was buried pretty deep.

I cleaned it up and started Google searching.

Some people were saying that it's an alligator egg some are saying dinosaur egg. I highly doubt it's a dinosaur egg, but you never know. You can't tell in the picture but this egg is as hard as a rock and weighs about 8lbs or more. It's solid! I tried to shine a flashlight through it but no light went though.

So what kind of egg is it? Or is it an egg? I really don't know. If it is an Alligator egg I seriously need to set traps or something because there are kids that live at the house. I need your help.


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