St. Landry Parish Sheriff's Deputy Chief Eddie Thibodeaux says that his office has been fielding calls after a comment was made on a chat room that caused concern.

Thibodeaux says that an informant made a joke about knowing things about an officer, but the joke didn't seem funny to some on Facebook who worried that it meant that the officer was being threatened.

While Thibodeaux says they are still looking into the issue, they do not believe the person meant any ill will towards the officer.

He says this just shows that because something is put on Facebook doesn't mean that the context is always understood.

The St. Landry Parish Crime Stoppers spokesman says this also is a good way to issue a reminder about reporting something.

He says anytime you think something bad is happening/or going to happen, you can call 911 for immediate emergencies, or give information anonymously by calling St. Landry Crime Stoppers at 337-948-TIPS(8477).

He adds that you can also anonymously send information via the P3 app on your phone.


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