Its been an on-going debate for many years and it will continue to be a "hot topic," teachers are not compensated fairly and now some are being left without a job. The State of Louisiana, like the rest of the country, is going through some really tough financial times. Cuts are being made in several areas, yet the one area that could least afford more cuts is being slashed, education!!!Let's get right to the point, in recent days several teachers in Louisiana have been informed that they will no longer have a job next school year, and/or that they are being reassigned to other school districts due to budget cuts or downsizing. Now this is the time of year teachers look most forward to because we are rapidly approaching summer break. Its is suppose to be a time of joy and jubilation. However, that joy and excitement has recently turned into doubt and confusion for some teachers. We were all recently informed that the state of Louisiana will be slicing through the education system and canceling some programs. In other areas, they are simply downsizing current programs. This in return has left many educators in limbo. Teachers are being told that either their services would no longer be needed next year, or that they have the option to be re-assigned for the next school year.

As the son of someone who has been in education system for over 20 years, I can not fathom how our elected officials are cutting into education. I personally was involved in the system right of college, and I saw first hand how important school is for kids. While some may rely solely upon their teachers for educational guidance, others rely on their teachers for social support and comfort. There is no other profession in this country, or in the world for that matter, that is as important as teaching. Yet, for years teachers have been grossly under paid and over looked. If this country is going to have any future what so ever, we must support our teachers. I have always said, teachers are like the foundation of a home, without it there are no walls.

A superintendent of schools once told me that the recruiting process, for new teachers,  was becoming more and more difficult. Simply put, college students are electing to not pursue a career in education. Obviously we know that the pay is not attractive, and with so much "red tape" teachers have to go through for the most simple of things, potential educators are choosing a different avenue. Now comes yet another deterrent for potential educators. Why would a young college student even consider going into education now that they see and hear of all these "cuts?" The present day education system is about as stable as a surf board in the ocean for someone that has never surfed. Most college students will never invest in a career that they view as unstable or not rewarding. And that is precisely what the system has become.

All in all, it is past time we, the United States of America and the State of Louisiana, put a value on education. It is time we ALL stand behind those who pave the future for our country. It is time we appreciate teachers for who they are and for what they do. Teachers aren't in the classrooms for the fame or riches, they teach because they care. It saddens me to hear of so many teachers questioning what tomorrow may bring. There are some really good teachers out there losing their passion. They are losing their passion because when they turn around to see who is supporting them, there are so few behind them. And dare I say, some federal, state, and local officials are absent in their support. Perhaps it is time that we let those in a position know, its not suitable, nor reasonable to slash away into the education system. There are many other programs out there that are abused on a daily basis by individuals and politicians that we should consider slashing. Let it be known, education should not be one of them.

To all of the teachers affected by recent "cuts" or "re-assignments," stand your ground and remember why you got into the system. DO NOT let one's own ambition or agenda ever hinder your mission. We here stand behind you all, and let it be known that your passion does not go unnoticed.