As the 25th anniversary of the iconic sports comedy 'The Waterboy' approaches, fans across the United States are reminiscing about the hilarity and heart of the film that still holds the title of the highest-grossing sports comedy ever. However, it appears that Louisiana's love for the Adam Sandler classic surpasses all, placing the Pelican State at the pinnacle of obsession.

Released on November 6, 1998, 'The Waterboy' quickly became a staple in the sports comedy genre, with Bobby Boucher — Sandler's awkward, water-toting hero — becoming one of the most beloved characters in the realm of football films. Louisiana, the backdrop for the film's quirky tale, has clung to Boucher and his unique brand of humor, cementing the state's position as the most enthralled by the movie.

In a recent study by the analytical minds at, it was determined that Louisiana's adoration for the film is unmatched. The team dug into five years' worth of data, tracking the top five 'The Waterboy' related keywords and their search volumes. Google Trends scores were then compiled and analyzed to capture the pulse of the nation's devotion to the movie.

The results? Louisiana emerged as the clear frontrunner, with neighboring Arkansas trailing behind. Not far off, Texas, Alabama, and Mississippi rounded out the top five states, all holding a torch for the comedic gem that continues to entertain audiences 25 years later.


The methodology was meticulous: identify the most significant search terms related to 'The Waterboy,' collate Google Trends data across all 50 states, and then calculate the average to determine which states are still sipping from Bobby Boucher's proverbial 'high-quality H2O.' As of November 1, 2023, the data is up-to-date, celebrating nearly a quarter-century of laughs, lessons, and Louisiana pride.

As 'The Waterboy' nears its silver anniversary, the legacy of Bobby Boucher remains as fresh and funny as ever in the hearts of Louisianans. It seems that for them, every day is a day to remember that "You can do it!"

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