What's worst than your WAITR order not showing up on time?

You could easily say that your WAITR order never showing up could be pretty terrible, but somehow this Lafayette resident had an experience that was even worse than that.

Quick back story: I'm on one of those neighbor app things because when I first moved into my neighborhood there was literally ONE dude who didn't want to get on Facebook to be a part of the subdivision group—so instead of just being a part of a group on an app that everyone already had (except LITERALLY that one guy) he got us all to download this Nextdoor app.

Well, that dude literally moved out within six months, and ever since then NO ONE has used this app, but somehow I'm still subscribed to the alerts and emails, and the way that it works is that it will also report on things from nearby neighborhoods.

And over the weekend I may have gotten the wildest update yet.


Yo. Someone in Lafayette legit ACCEPTED another person's WAITR order. Do you know how pissed I would be? Imagine placing this order, and being starved while you wait—just wondering where your food could be—only to find out within the app that your order was delivered and accepted.

Just not at your house.

And let me be clear, I'm sure this was just an honest mistake on WAITR's part because someone definitely accepted food they damn well know they didn't order. And while I would never wish harm to another human being, I think the person's message speaks for itself.

If you are the person who enjoyed a free meal at someone else's expense, I'm sure they'd love to have a word with you.

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