They picked the wrong store to rob.

An 80-year-old man shot a would-be robber in a California liquor store and the incident was all caught on new high-definition cameras.

The owner of the store saw the man exit a vehicle with a huge gun and that is when he grabbed his own shotgun and hid behind the counter in the store.

When the masked man pointed his rifle at the store owner, that is when the 80-year-old man shot, striking the would-be robber in the arm.

The man who was attempting to rob the store quickly exits it screaming, "He shot my arm off."

The vehicle is then seen on camera driving away from the store and then ultimately ending up at a local hospital, where all suspects were arrested.

According to a report, the owner armed himself after a number of convenience stores were robbed in his area.

Sadly, the store owner suffered a heart attack in this incident but is reportedly going to fully recover from it.

As for the man who was shot by the store owner, he is still in the hospital recovering from the gunshot wound.

Here's the footage from inside of the store and from the parking lot after the shooting. Viewer discretion is advised.

Here's a full report from the convenience store where the shooting happened.

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