While running some errands this morning I came across a set of surveillance cameras and it made me think that this must be the most surveilled street in Acadiana!

Google Maps Ile Des Cannes

I have friends who live in the area of W. Broussard Road/Ridge Road/Ile des Canne, and they refer to Ile Des Cannes as "Ile Des Crime" because of the high amount of crime reported there.

How much crime? Well, when I logged on to Google Maps, Street View is not available ANYWHERE on Ile des Cannes. Did someone warn the Google Maps car drive to not travel down that street?

Ile des Cannes 2 Photo by John Falcon

So, about those surveillance cameras: there are two utility poles near the corner of Ridge Road and Ile des Cannes, and there are at least 13 cameras on one pole and 10 on the other!

Ile des Cannes 1 Photo by John Falcon

Do you know who it was that had these cameras installed? Was it law enforcement? Was it the convenience store owner(s)? Was it the neighborhood. WAS IT BIG BROTHER??!?!?!

Ile des Cannes 3 Photo by John Falcon

What gives?