As Acadiana is recuperating from the horrible events at the Grand 16 Theater last Thursday, more information is coming out about the minutes directly following the shooting in theater 14.

Surveillance footage,and 911 calls convey the chaos surrounding the tragic events, and was released Thursday by Lafayette authorities. It is a grim reminder, and shocking to hear and watch. God Bless our community, our law enforcement officials, survivors, and families of loved ones lost.

From the, here is a transcript of the calls:

A collection of recordings offer a window into what officers are learning as they talk over police radios while responding the Grand 16 Theater, gradually realizing the magnitude of what had happened.

“They said he is inside, he is in number 14, that he is reloading,” an officer said. “He has a weapon. We have an active shooter here.”

“Headquarters, get as many units as you can. Call the SO and state if we have to,” another officer said to dispatchers, referring to the Lafayette Parish sheriff’s office and State Police.

“10-4, 10-4,” a dispatcher replied.

“I need units, and I need units with rifles in here,” an officer said.

“All right headquarters, listen, we need everybody over here. Send anybody you got.”

“10-4,” a dispatcher replied. “We are sending everybody. SO is also in route.”

Seconds later, the recording captures the radio calls of out-of-breath and anxious officers making their way into the theater.

“OK. We just advised the suspect shot himself,” a dispatcher told one of the officers.

“What number, what number theater? We are in the theater,” an officer replied.

“Fourteen, number 14,” the dispatcher said.

“We got one subject down,” an officer said as he enters the crime scene.

“All right, we got several more victims inside,” another officer shouted. “Suspect is down. Suspect is down. We have several more victims inside with gunshot wounds.”