A popular internet urban survival trainer is offering some tips on how to avoid being beaten up in a LA Fitness bathroom in the wake of 6ix9ine being jumped in an eerily similar situation.

On Friday (March 24), internet self-defense guide Detroit D.U.S.T. uploaded the latest training tips video to his Instagram page (below). The video is captioned: "LA Fitness + 6x9 = Self-defense | How NOT to get Jumped!" The clip begins with D.U.S.T. on the bathroom floor as two assistants act like they are beating him up similarly to how Tekashi was taken advantage of earlier this week.

"This is what you do when you want to survive when you are at LA Fitness—or any other place—and you're 6'9" or 69 years old or born in 1969 like me. This is how you survive," he tells the camera.

D.U.S.T.'s first technique shows him countering the stomp-out by hooking his leg around the attacker and tripping him to the ground. He then follows up by kicking the attacker "repeatedly until he is broke." He then advises to do the same with any follow-up attackers.

"These intelligent options will increase your survivability," he says in closing.

6ix9ine being beaten bloody has been the talk of the internet since videos first surfaced of the beatdown on Tuesday (March 21). The clips show Tekashi being brutally assaulted by three men while he helplessly cowers on the bathroom floor. After the beating, police and EMS were called and 6ix9ine was taken to the hospital with non life-threatening injuries.

The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office has confirmed Tekashi was assaulted at the LA Fitness in Lake Worth, Fla. Since then, new video has surfaced that shows the TattleTales rapper being jumped for well over a minute.

This isn't the first time D.U.S.T. has offered advice about a rapper-related altercation. Last March, he offered instruction to Chris Rock on how to avoid being slapped by Will Smith.

See Surivial Trainer Detroit D.U.S.T. Show How 6ix9ine Should Have Handled His Bathroom Assault Below

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