One of my favorite shows cranks up with an all new season tonight. 'Swamp People' is a show on The History Channel that features gator hunters right here in our backyard of Cajun Country. Season 2 brings us new cast members and also our favorites from Season 1. Here is the official trailer for Season 2.

You may have noticed a few new faces. The three most notable new members that I saw was a pair of bearded fellas, a big guy who means business and a girl who is just as tough as the boys when it comes to hunting gator.

The "girl" has a name; Liz Cavalier and according to the History Channel

There aren't many Cajun lady gator hunters on the swamp. Taught by her father, Liz has been hunting gator since she was a little girl, using the same type of gun fired by Annie Oakley. An ace shot, Liz prides herself on being "one of the boys." She baits the hooks, pulls the lines and throws a knife with the best of them.


The "big guy" is Terral Evans.

He stands 6'4" and weighs in at around 240 pounds. Terral is a swamper in every way—a man who loves the area around Pearl River. While the other swampers are busy hunting gators, Terral is busy moving them. Terral is a gator tagger working with Mississippi Fisheries and Wildlife to track and tag gators. If a gator is causing problems, everyone around knows to call Terral. He does his work at night, snatching gators barehanded, right out of the water.


And lastly, the two new members that caught my eye the most ... the bearded duo of Glenn and Mitchell Guist

Brothers Glenn and Mitchell Guist were born, raised and still live in their grandparents' house on Conway Bayou. They're master hunters, taught to live off the land by their father and so close neighbors call them by one name: "glenmitchell." If the fish in Conway Bayou aren't biting, the Guists aren't bothered—any bush meat will do, and that means squirrel to nutria to wild boar could be on the menu.


Of course we still have our favorites as well as these promising new cast members. Troy, Jacob & Clint have formed a great friendship with us at Hot 107.9 as well as throughout the building at Townsquare Media. Joe and Tommy recently caught up with us over the weekend .. and they are ready to 'Shake N Bake' !!

The DVR is set ... Bring on the Swamp !!!

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