When you think of Louisiana you probably think of a warm bowl of jambalaya or a steaming plate of crawfish, not a hot dog. But, surprisingly, Louisiana is home to some of the most mouthwatering, delicious dogs around.

The entire Bayou State can claim to have exceptional hot dogs, but it's really South Louisiana that's holding it down when it comes to the best dogs around.

According to the website Only In Your State, Lafayette's very own Hot Dawg Stop is doing us proud with its Louisiana flavors like crawfish, boudin, and alligator. These Cajun inspired creations have landed the Hot Dawg Stop in the number two spot on Only In Your State's list.

So, who takes the top spot? The Lake Charles hot dog restaurant, Botsky's, holds the first place title. With its endless topping possibilities and build-your-own style, it's easy to see why this hot dog haven ended up at number one.

Between the Hot Dawg Stop and Botsky's holding down the top spots I think it's pretty safe to say that South Louisiana put's the "hot" in hot dog.

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