Taco Bell is set to launch their breakfast menu March 27th, and it looks amazing! Who wants a waffle taco? This guy right here! Who wouldn't want a waffle wrapped filled with a sausage patty or bacon with egg and cheese and side order of syrup. That sounds like what would be served at the gates of heaven. If you can get past only ordering that, there other menu items on Taco Bell's Breakfast menu like:

  1. A.M Crunchwrap - scrambled eggs, a hash brown, cheese and bacon, sausage or steak in a flour tortilla.
  2. Bacon and Egg Burrito - Bacon, scrambled eggs and cheese wrapped in a flour tortilla.
  3. Sausage Flatbread Melt- A sausage patty topped with cheese wrapped in flatbread and grilled.

Just a little side note: Taco Bell will be serving their breakfast menu till 11 A.M and McDonalds is now planning to do the same.

So what will be your favorite B-fast spot?

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