brian laundrie

Remains Confirmed To Be Those Of Laundrie
According to reports, human remains found near a park where authorities have been searching are consistent with that of Brian Laundrie. Investigators used a comparison with Laundrie's dental records to confirm the remains are his.
Coroner's Update On Petito's Death
The Teton County Coroner gave an official update regarding the death of Gabby Petito and noted that she died of strangulation. Per reports and the update, Petito's body is believed to have been found three to four weeks after her death.
Dog Sniffs Out New Tip
Reports say that after visiting the family home of Brian Laundrie, Dog the Bounty Hunter began investigating a tip about a Florida campsite. After a public records request, reports show confirmation from the family's lawyer that Brian Laundrie and his parents were together at the very same campsite just days before Gabby Petito was reported missing.

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