Rihanna Skinny Dips + Soaks Up the Sun During Hawaiian Vacation
In January 2012, after touring non-stop and dropping a new album, Rihanna took a much-needed vacation in Hawaii. The ‘Where Have You Been’ songstress just shared pictures from her Hawaiian beach adventure on her official Facebook page, and there’s some sexy pictures of the Bajan skinny dipping and posing in sultry position whilst soaking up the sun’s rays.
9 Sexy Reasons Why We Think Rihanna Is Bored In Hawaii [PHOTOS]
If you haven't heard the news, Rihanna is on vacation. When she isn't smoking funny smelling looking things, she is sexing it up on her Twitter account (@rihanna). Over the last 48 hours Rihanna has unleashed numerous photos of herself in skimpy bikinis and putting her bad girl image on full display.