Taylor Swift is arguably the biggest artist of the decade. Some may argue she's the voice of a generation. Numerous awards, accolades, tours, albums...she is a force within the music industry.

She recently dropped her album 'Midnights' -- breaking numerous records once again and topping the charts. Soon after, Taylor announced 'The Eras Tour' which is her going back to the beginning and performing songs from her entire catalog on a nationwide stadium tour next spring.

Excitement soon turned to tears of frustration and anger on Tuesday, November 16th as millions with access to pre-sale tickets, myself included, were faced with hours-long waits, error messages, glitches, and already sold-out arenas once in the ticket purchase window.

Let's break down Taylor Swift fans vs. Ticketmaster. Buckle up, it gets intense.

Alright, here's some backstory: I have never seen Taylor Swift live. I actually recently became a fan and started to appreciate her music during the pandemic with her albums Folklore and Evermore. I signed up for this tour's pre-sale and was lucky enough to receive a code to get a chance for early tickets for the Houston dates.

Over 3 million people received these pre-sale codes. Unprecedented numbers, as expected when it comes to Taylor.

Turns out...Ticketmaster wasn't ready. Shocker.

Pre-sale began at 10 a.m. local venue time. I, along with thousands of others, was in the waiting room an hour ahead of time to get into the queue, which is essentially the waiting room before the waiting room.

10 rolls around and I am ready with my code, logged into Ticketmaster with my payment ready. I was anxious and nervous, but I thought it would be a war won. Turns out, I was SO wrong.

An almost immediate pause in the queue began within minutes of 10 o'clock. It was a collective "oh, well it'll get fixed quick. she crashed it, no worries!"

Breaking news: worries began after no movement after 30 minutes...which turned into 3 HOURS of waiting just to get in the virtual line. I was in too deep, I couldn't leave the line. I waited, and so did millions of others.

The codes were severely messed up across the board. My friends in Minneapolis, Nashville, and Tampa were all stuck waiting. Nothing happened for 3 hours. Nothing.

Then, all of a sudden, we had the green light. The queue was unpaused...and I thought I was close to the finish line!

No, Kaylin. You're so far away that the Hubble Telescope can't see it.

After the three-hour wait, there was an additional 2-hour wait because the line was so backed up and they were starting up sales one show at a time.

So, I got curious while I was waiting. (I was also at work, so I couldn't leave in fear of losing wifi and my spot in line. Send rations, please) I saw a hack to see what place you were in line through TikTok that didn't involve you leaving the wait page.

Ready for it? I was 25,347th in line. I almost ran into traffic.

Again, I was in too deep. I waited. I started creeping closer to the buy tickets page.

I finally get in. I have my code ready. I am ready to grab ANY TICKETS at this point. As soon as it lets me in, tickets are populating at an alarming speed. Popping up and disappearing.

I grab two tickets on the floor. Click check-out. I have them! This was all worth it!


Ticketmaster said I wasn't signed in and to try again. UM. I'VE BEEN SIGNED IN FOR 5 HOURS. WHAT DO YOU MEAN?!

Eventually, after trying about 8 times to get different tickets....Ticketmaster kicks me out and to the back of the waiting room line.

I saw red (not Taylor's Version) and I had no choice but to give up.

So did millions of other fans, sadly.

Ticketmaster has long been an issue, but as with every problem, it kind of just flies under the radar.

Until you mess with Taylor Swift's fans.

There have been class action lawsuits filed after the pre-sale fiasco, and a petition to disband Ticketmaster-Live Nation with millions of signatures about to be sent to the Attorney General.

Did you get tickets to 'The Eras Tour'? I'll find a way to make it to the show. Somehow.

I just have to prepare for war again when tickets go on sale to the general public on Friday.

Good luck, soldiers. See you on the other side.

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