Looks like Taysom Hill is on the move.

News Saints Head Coach, Dennis Allen, was recently asked about Taysom Hill and Coach Allen stated that Hill will no longer focus on playing quarterback for the Saints.

Instead, the "Swiss Army Knife" will now focus on playing tight end for the New Orleans Saints.

Yes, Taysom Hill will be on the move, but he isn't going very far. If this project works out, which it may, it will interesting to see how the Saints use him at this new position.

New Orleans Saints v New York Jets
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Keep in mind, the Saints have re-signed Jameis Winston to play quarterback for the 2022 season.

How does Hill feel about this, I assume he will speak out on the move, and knowing the player that he is, he will likely embrace the challenge.

We should note now that Hill has been aware of this potential move since his new contract was constructed for his new tight end position.

Moving Hill to a new position, does put him back on the field and not just on the sideline. So yes, this move could add another threat for the Saints' offense in 2022.


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