Taysom Hill has become one of the many polarizing figures in the NFL. From his gadget plays to his time on special teams or even as the New Orleans Saints starting quarterback, people are fascinated with Taysom.

Recently Taysom had the internet buzzing with his new commercial for Idaho potatoes. He has become the official spokesperson for Idaho Potatoes. And I must say those commercials are great and instantly make you want to buy some potatoes; however, not just any potatoes but Idaho potatoes.

Taysom Hill's Idaho Potato Commercials

Besides his official spokesperson commercials, Idaho Potatoes had fans send in letters and they used Taysom's response as another form of marketing. In one of the letters the fan said he doesn't know if Taysom is better as a receiver or quarterback. Well let me answer that for you, he is BETTER at every other position he plays besides quarterback. However, the commercial was still cool because it asked if he could catch his own pass, which would be very interesting to see.

Another interesting fan letter commercial asks Taysom why doesn't he just choose a position, and I have to give it to him his response was hilarious. He basically said why choose one position when you can play them all and he compared it to the many different types of potato dishes. And how you never just always want a baked potato and maybe you might want fries one day or potato au gratin. This was easily my favorite of the bunch.

This isn't Taysom's first commercial though. This year he did a commercial for Laborde & Earles that was just as good where he became the new partner of the Attorneys.

Taysom Hill has become a very busy man. From being the starting quarterback of the New Orleans Saints to all of these different commercial spots, his popularity is only growing. And if Taysom can secure the Saints a playoff spot his fame and popularity will only skyrocket.

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