Sometimes you never know who you will end up with.

Chelsea Timmons' story out of Texas has gone viral after she thoroughly explained her situation during the winter storm of 2021.

The young lady is a grocery delivery person in the Houston area and right before the storm was to hit the area, Chelsea decided to accept one more delivery.

What she did not know was that on her final delivery of the day, the storm would strand her with a few total strangers.

Just as she was on her way to deliver the groceries, snow and ice started to blanket the roadways and upon delivery, Chelsea says she got stuck at the home where she was to deliver the groceries.

Her vehicle got stuck in the yard where she was dropping off the groceries and there was no way to get out of the situation she was in. Not even Uber or Lyft could get to her, so the good people who ordered the groceries invited Chelsea to stay over on Valentine's night.

She says that they cooked steak for her and they became friends right away. What Chelsea did not know was that where she stayed for that night would become home for many more days due to the winter storm in Texas.

Chelsea says that her guardian angels have taken care of and they have provided for her during this very difficult time. As matter of fact, they have discouraged her from even trying to leave in the elements.

This story should give all of us hope. Yes, we all see the negativity out there and on social media these days, but to see people care for someone that they do not know says it all.

When we care for each other as this couple did for Chelsea, the world is a better place. What a great story.


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