So Super Bowl XLV has come and gone. The weather was nasty. Even though both teams and their fans were used to the winter conditions, they were hoping to get away to paradise to root on their team to victory. We heard about the 10 hour waits for a simple cab ride. But by the time the 19$ margaritas, 12$ wine and 10$ beers provided their final sips, and the last car in the 900$ lot pulled away The Packers had beaten the Steelers to become NFL World Champions.

It is also causing some to question, "just how far will the NFL go to get my dollar?"


Cowboys Stadium, often referred to as "Jerry's World" is reveled as the "nicest, cleanest, safest stadium anyone has ever visited." It cost double what Jerry said it would and taxpayers financed 25% of it... but, "the stadium's best features are totally inaccessible to the average fan."

The last great building binge in the NFL was from 1995 through 2003, when 21 stadiums were built or refurbished in order to create more luxury boxes, at cost of $6.4 billion. Know how much of that the public paid for? $4.4 billion. Why are we giving 32 rich guys that kind of money, just to prey on us at the box office and concessions? The Dallas deal should be the last of its kind.

To make matters worse, there were 1,250 people that showed up with their tickets and foam fingers ready to root on their team, and they had no seats ... literally.

Those travel-weary, cash-whipped fans paid small fortunes to go to the game, only to discover their stubs were no good, because fire marshals declared some sections unsafe.

What blew my mind more than THAT was that people actually paid a few hundred to a few thousand dollars for tickets in "standing room only" sections and here is the real kicker .. others were actually placed "OUTSIDE the stadium to watch the game on a big screen!"


"That's revolutionary if you can sell tickets to not actually watch the game. That's a whole new ballgame."

A hot topic that is making social networks buzz today is the story behind the classic Navy jet "flyover" after the national anthem.

how about those four Navy F-18s flying over the stadium - with its retractable roof closed? Everybody inside could only see the planes on the stadium's video screens. It was strictly a two-second beauty shot. Know what it cost taxpayers? I'll tell you: $450,000. (The Navy justifies the expense by saying it's good for recruiting.)


All I care about now is Super Bowl XLVII 2013 in New Orleans ... and hopefully, my New Orleans Saints will be playing to the hometown crowd. A boy can realistically dream right ?

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