By now you may know of Brad Wedlock's story. At the age of 28-years-old he was taken from us in a tragic accident this week.

Many know of Brad through the media and through social media, but its his friends who can describe him best.

Brad was a ball of energy and his smile was picture perfect. His love for music was off the charts, but his passion was education. All that Brad ever wanted to do was to help other people.

Whether that be in a bar, in a DJ booth, in the yard, or in the classroom. Brad was raised and taught to always help others and that's what he did.

I'll never forget the day I took Brad to his first LSU football game. We were attending a day game in Tiger Stadium and you know how hot it gets in that stadium at the beginning of the season.

Brad was standing in my living room with a polo shirt tucked into jeans when I woke up. He was ready to go. And he didn't have a hat on. I asked him, "Are you going like that?" He replied, "Yup." And I said, "Okay."

Halfway through the first quarter Brad looked at me and said, "I'll never wear jeans to another LSU game." He learned quick.

We'll miss him for all that he had to offer. One night while playing at Nitetown I noticed that my computer was about to shut off because I forgot my charger, I texted Brad to ask if he had an extra one and he did. Brad ran from City Bar to Nitetown to give me the charger. By the time he got there I had 2% left on battery---And the club was packed! He saved me.

Looking back on his life I think we can all say that Brad taught us something about living life. He stressed the importance of traveling to me in his final years. All that he talked about were his past trips and future trips while studying at UL.

Brad Wedlock was one of us. And by that I mean Brad never met a stranger and was always interested in your well-being. It didn't matter how well he knew you, if you were in his presence he cared. And we should credit his parents for that.

We need more people in this world and in this community like Brad Wedlock. The world would be a much better place if we were a fraction of this young man.

I don't know why he was taken from us at such a young age, but I do know that Brad has taught me and all of his friends, colleagues and students more than we will ever know.

Brad was teaching way before he got a certificate or diploma. I just hope he knows that.

Thank You, Brad.